A little About Me

I am from a family which due to their financial position couldn’t help me achieve my dreams. Being the oldest of six brothers and sisters, I had to start to work at an early age to support my parents financially. Time passed and my dreams were put on hold. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I was accepted into a Brazilian college where I studied Physical Education and earned a Bachelor’s Degree. My education was being paid with scholarships, but it was still necessary for me to be working full time during the day to support my family and go to college at night. Even though I was able to become one of the best students in my class, the difficulties were many. So, to achieve my goals I decided to move and live in the United States where there were many more options and opportunities. When I arrived in the United States, not understanding or speaking English was a major difficulty. However, I was determined that I would learn the language and make my way in the United States.

My life in the United States began similarly like many immigrants that move here. I was alone but, my determination and perseverance never let myself gave up. Also, having virtually no English language experience, or acquaintances, I was still finding work to support myself and continuing to support my parents back in Brazil. I was working in the service industry; housecleaning, waitressing, etc. seven days a week with no holydays or weekends to enjoy. I was always helping my parents and never thinking of me. After almost ten years, I began to realize that the goals I set for myself would not happen. I would have to redirect my path to focus on me and my U.S. family. So, I went back to school again. At the time, it was already too late for me to become a doctor, so I then Identified myself with the Real Estate Business.

I choose to be a Realtor Agent because I have always been fascinated by the art of sell and communication. My other jobs in Brazil was all related to sell, newspaper advertising, telemarketing, etc. I knew it was going to be challenging in many aspects, but I am not afraid to ask for help or to take advices that are given to me. I am a people person, very outgoing, resourceful, I like to laugh, and I am also trilingual (Portuguese, Spanish and English). It is apparent to me through the years that hard work is required for each goal and that everything one does with love overcomes all barriers. It is my passion to care for people, help then to find their dream homes, etc.
“I will do my best to help my clients with the Ethic code.”

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